Friday, February 27th, 2009

Dane Patterson at the Proposition

Dane Patterson, Travelogue, 2009. Graphite on paper, 53-1/2 x 36 inches

Dane Patterson, Travelogue, 2009. Graphite on paper, 53-1/2 x 36 inches

on view through March 7 at the Proposition, 559 West 22nd Street east corner of 11th Avenue (212) 242-0035

Patterson’s third solo exhibition at the Proposition is also the last exhibition at the Chelsea venue of the gallery of Ellen Donahue and Ronald Sosinski that has, under various guises, been in continuous operation in New York for a quarter of a century. Starting life in the East Village in 1984 as the E.M. Donahue Gallery, and moving to SoHo in 1988 as Donohue/Sosinski, the gallery concentrated in this period on mid-career painters like Frances Barth, Marjorie Wellish, Laurie Fendrich, Arnold Mesches, George Schneeman and others. Since 2002, moving to Chelsea as the Proposition, the gallery began to show works in time-based mediums in its project space, often by younger artists. Dohahue and Sosinski intend to continue secondary market dealing and representing artists at Quizzed by artcritical on his personal plans, Mr. Sosinski spoke of “lusting for retirement, but not quite yet.”

This was an artcritical PIC in February 2009.


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