Posts from November, 2009

Craig Manister at the Painting Center

The eye of the viewer zig-zags in space from overlapping plane to plane, neoclassic style.

Wolfgang Laib: Frieze of Life at Sean Kelly Gallery

Laib sees his art as having a political dimension, in the sense that the production of cultural artifacts change people and institutions.

November 2009: Leslie Camhi, Barry Schwabsky, and Katy Siegel with moderator David Cohen

Tracey Emin, Sterling Ruby, David Hockney and Sharon Horvath

Pat Steir: Self-Portrait: Reprise 1987-2009 at the New York Studio School

Taking subjects from the raw materials for old master art, Steir transforms them in accord with her very contemporary sensibility.

Cry Stall Gaze: A Collaboration with Pat Steir

Poem and artwork unfold as twin scrolls.

Jack Pierson at Cheim & Read

We wonder what these signs used to say when they were part of something bigger—a word, a world.

Carl Plansky (1951-2009)

Last weekend, a week before the close of his exhibition at the New York Studio School, Carl Planksy died of a heart attack while driving to his home in upstate New York.  Planksy was best known for his painterly, expressionistic landscapes and still lifes worked from life in exuberant brushstrokes and rich colors.  His show…

Leon Polk Smith at Washburn Gallery

This was an artcritical PIC in November 2009.

David Kapp at Sideshow

This was an artcritical PIC in November 2009.

Sylvia Sleigh at I-20 Gallery

This was an artcritical PIC in November 2009.