Posts from February, 2011

Love Letters: Winners of artcritical’s Valentine’s Day Competition

Eleventh hour declaration for Serra’s Tilted Arc; plus something hot and colorful.

Star-Crossed Painters: Laurie Fendrich and Peter Plagens

Husband and wife exhibitions overlap – and on St Valentine’s Day to boot.

The Zen of Tchotchkes and the Politics of Mens Suits: Charles LeDray at the Whitney

workworkworkworkwork up through February 13

St Valentine’s Competition

Write a love letter to a work of art, oeuvre, etc. Best piece published here.

An Everyday Eternity: A Show of Late Renoir

The exhibition inaugurated Hammer Galleries new premises.

Paragon of Modernism: Esteban Vicente at the Grey

NYU’s exhibition of his collage and sculpture is up through March 26.

“You Can’t Beat The Clock”: Christian Marclay at Paula Cooper

The Clock, a Frankenstein monster of a movie, is on view through February 19.