Posts from January, 2012

Paintings You Can Jump On: George McNeil in the 1960s

He aspired to be “completely sensate” – spontaneous, but with long periods of revision

January, 2012: Michèle C. Cone, Ana Finel-Honigman and Anthony Haden-Guest

Joined David Cohen to review exhibitions of Ai Weiwei, Slater Bradley, Sarah Sze, and Lola Montes Schnabel.

All That Is Solid Melts Into Air: Simone Jones at Ronald Feldman

A new writer at artcritical. The show took place in November/December.

In Pursuit of Sensual Form: Vita Petersen (1915-2011)

As her last paintings open at the New York Studio School, our tribute plus a film.

Not Dotty About Damien: Hirst’s Spot Paintings Go Global

An exhibition at all eleven international venues of Gagosian Gallery

A Success on His Own Terms: A Studio Visit with Rupert Goldsworthy

An interview between Sharon Ma and artist Rupert Goldsworthy

The Memory of the Dance: Trisha Brown at Sikkema Jenkins

The legendary choreographer’s performative drawings are on view through January 25

Intimate Love, Infinite Line and Sunflower Seeds by the Thousand

The Review Panel: January 27 at the National Academy Museum, 1083 Fifth Avenue artcritical’s The Review Panel  returns to the National Academy Museum January 27 at the new start time of 6.30 PM.  Anthony Haden-Guest is welcomed as a new voice on the panel where he joins veterans Michèle Cone and Berlin-based Ana Finel Honigman,…

Quiz: How closely did you read artcritical in 2011?

Be the first to unravel our acrostic and win a drawing by David Cohen

The Faceless Bride: Eva Hesse’s Early Paintings at the Brooklyn Museum

Spectres: 1960 is on view through January 8