DAVID COHEN, Editor           


February 2008

posted 2/3/2008
DAVID COHEN on Katy Grannan at Salon 94 Freeman and Greenberg Van Doren and Lisa Bertucci at Perry Rubinstein

There is a pervasive ambivalence in Katy Grannan’s portraits: the gaze that returns the viewer’s is a mix of coyness and exhibitionism. The images themselves oscillate between similar extremes, building a visceral sense of the present through precision while succumbing to a remoteness that results from theatricality.

posted 2/6/2008
GREG LINDQUIST on Lisa Robinson at Klompching

Although Robinson’s snowscapes recall the nineteenth-century Arctic exploration that captured America’s imagination, her work also conjures our 21st-century fear of natural disaster—that nature will reclaim the manmade landscape by our own disregard for the environment.

posted 2/3/2008
FAY KU on Shinique Smith at Moti Hasson

Shinique Smith’s uncanny design sensibility transforms everyday throwaways into spectacular riots of pattern, color and texture that assume a classical balance like an extravagant form of ikebana.

posted 2/3/2008
DAVID COHEN on Alan Saret at the Drawing Center, Richard Pousette-Dart at Knoedler

Physical gesture means the artist’s hand is present yet transcended: there is no question that the arcs or circles are handmade, but an unforced, lyrical all-overness creates a cosmic, suprapersonal sense of order and well-being.