DAVID COHEN, Editor           


MAY 2007

posted May 19, 2007
STUDIO VISIT: DAVID BRODY visits Brenda Goodman in New York

I had Kiki Smith over when I had just finished these and she said, You know, you should approach some galleries from a revisionist point of view because usually it’s a male in the studio with a model, or a male at the easel, and here you’re a nude figure in your own studio with all your paintings and your tools around you. There aren’t many paintings like that, she said. So I thought, well that’s interesting, that’s not something I was thinking about—I was thinking about what I feel in my studio, the vulnerability.

posted May 22, 2007
JONATHAN BOYD on Nicolas Carone at Lohin Geduld

On first glance, Greco-Roman (as well as Egyptian and Etruscan) antiquity permeates the show. A few of the heads could have ridden into the gallery on the crest of a wave, while others appear to have been scavenged from Delos or Autun. But more time spent with the carvings, all of which are untitled and undated, reveals how much more bizarre and modern many of them are.