DAVID COHEN, Editor           


MAY 2008

posted 5/2//2008
DAVID COHEN compares Jake Berthot at Betty Cuningham and Lois Dodd at Alexandre

The pervading sense in Ms. Dodd, both in the nature of marks and the quality of her perception, is of honesty. The quintessential Americanness of her vision has to do with what fellow painter Robert Berlind has compared to the Shaker notion of the “gift to be simple,” making for images that are homely and plainspoken. Mr. Berthot, on the contrary, conjures a visual wizardry. There is a metaphysical quality to his work, as if his trees are stand-ins for a quasi-religious vision of nature, of a higher order.

posted 5/25/2008
GREG LINDQUIST on Frank Selby at Museum 52

Uncovering a sense of presence through an implied absence, these drawings and paintings explore a peculiar, discontinuous narrative.

posted 5/7//2008
CATHY NAN QUINLAN on Shape Shifters at Sideshow

Information in the computer age is often described as accruing in bits and several painters in the show seem to use separate brushstrokes as metaphors for bytes

posted 5/3//2008
DREW LOWENSTEIN on Norman Bluhm at James Graham & Sons

Squirmy, steadfast, and biologic in their surging rhythmic climax,  Bluhm's forms bulge and push up against the edges of his support, creating an explosive pressure. His use of bilateral symmetry heightens this effect.