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MAY 2009

posted 05/24/2009
JONATHAN GOODMAN on Jenny Holzer at the Whitney

Her aphorisms are generalizations with political intent

posted 05/24/2009
SARAH SCHMERLER on Ward Shelley at Pierogi

If his ostensible state-of-hibernation may seem a little anti-climactic, it’s a rest he’s earned.

posted 05/21/2009
JUSTIN TERRY on Hypothetical Landscapes at Janet Kurnatowski
Darina Karpov

The paintings and sculptures of the eight artists in this group show carry a potency derived from the convergence of man-made networks with ones culled from nature.

posted 05/14/2009
ERIC GELBER on Martha Friedman at WALLSPACE

The odd juxtaposition of these common objects with an abstract formal language gives the work social dimensions and sensual qualities.

posted 05/14/2009
DEVEN GOLDEN on Liz Markus at Zieher Smith

There is a palpable tension evoked in watching the crystalline visage of Nancy Reagan struggle for clarity against the loosey-goosey stained canvas.   

posted 05/11/2009
JOE FYFE on Pierrette Bloch at Haim Chanin

The exhibition is a small testament to the efficacies of the late modernist project,

posted 05/08/2009
JONATHAN GOODMAN on Albert Oehlen at Luhring Augustine

Trying to fail has played a major role in the work of Albert Oehlen

posted 05/08/2009
STEPHEN MAINE on Rosemarie Fiore at Priska C. Juschka

The artist’s material of choice is live fireworks, or rather the tinted smoke, made of fine particles of organic dyes, that color their familiar, ordinarily airborn explosions.

posted 05/04/2009
MERVE UNSAL on Adel Abdessemed at David Zwirner

Abdessemed's show is an exhilarating introduction to his work as the artist’s “acts” (as he calls his works) have a truly visceral resonance for every viewer. Yet, the show suffers from the ubiquitous interests of the artist, his “fascination with the world” as he himself identifies it.

posted 05/31/2009
JONATHAN GOODMAN on In & Out: Suzanne Song and Zaun Lee at Satori
Zuan Lee

A persistence of hard-edged nonobjective painting shows the lineage of modernism hanging on, even if only by the fingernails.






DISPATCHES: Report from Austin

Kelli Vance

While the Texas Biennial has some kinks to be ironed out, ALISON HEARST reports, working together to increase the dialogue and push Texas art forward is what Austin does well.

Late Picasso at Gagosian

The problem with late Picasso has to do with his stubborn insistence on diaristic expressionism increasingly isolated from changing times

May 2009

Chu Yun

Colleen Asper, Becky Brown, Nora Griffin and Ben La Rocco join David Cohen to discuss The Generational: Younger than Jesus at the New Museum, New York