at the National Academy, sponsored by artcritical
#16: March 9, 2007    



DAVID COHEN, DONALD KUSPIT, JOAN WALTEMATH, and KAREN WILIKIN on Bill Jensen at Cheim & Read, June Leaf at Edward Thorp, Odd Nerdrum at Forum, Anthony McCall at Sean Kelly, and David Hammons at L&M Arts


Images, clockwise: Bill Jensen, ASHES, 2004-6, oil on linen, 49 x 38 inches;
June Leaf, Water (Mechanical Scroll), 2006, Mixed media, 17.5 x 26.5 x 10.5 inches;
Anthony McCall, You and I, Horizontal (I), 2005, computer file, digital projector, 50 mins., dimensions variable;
David Hammons, installation view at L&M Arts 2007;
Odd Nerdrum, In Limbo, oil on canvas, 76 x 110 1/4 inches



1. Introductory Remarks

2. David Hammons

3. Odd Nerdrum and June Leaf

4. Anthony McCall

5. Bill Jensen and Questions