at the National Academy, sponsored by artcritical
#6: September 30, 2005    


David Cohen The New York Sun (Moderator)
Daniel Kunitz ArtReview Magazine
Barbara Pollack Time Out New York
Irving Sandler Professor Emeritus, SUNY Purchase

images, clockwise: Marcel Dzama Gargoyle Man 2005, ink and watercolor on paper, 18-1/4 x 26-1/4 inches, Courtesy David Zwirner. Bruce Pearson An effective low-cost solution for combating mind control 2004, oil and acrylic on Styrofoam
72 x 90 x 4 inches, Courtesy Ronald Feldman. Laurie Anderson The Waters Reglittered 2005, DVD (still) Courtesy Sean Kelly. Sue Williams Because We Care 2005, oil on acrylic on canvas, 72 x 84 inches, Courtesy 303




Laurie Anderson at Sean Kelly

Marcel Dzama at David Zwirner

Bruce Pearson at Ronald Feldman

Sue Williams at 303