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posted 08/16/2009
DEBORAH GARWOOD on In & Out of Amsterdam at the the Museum of Modern Art

As these mercurial installations, films, and performances indicate, Conceptual art often yielded works of great elegance in novel forms of presentation.  

posted 08/08/2009
DAWN-MICHELLE BAUDE on James Ensor at the Museum of Modern Art

The skulls, which appear early on in his work, are more than momento mori. On the beach, where over 130,000 Flemish were massacred by the Spanish in the 17th Century, skulls were as common as driftwood

posted 06/26/2009
DAVID BRODY on Roxy Paine at the Met

Paine manages to steer these leafless “Dendroids,” as he calls them, between the Scylla of transparency and the Charibdis of mechanization.

posted 08/24/09 - May issue
HEARNE PARDEE on Jane Freilicher at Tibor de Nagy

Freilicher’s work becomes tighter over time, but the spirit of chance encounter remains

posted 08/24/09 - July issue
STEPHANIE BUHMANN on Alice Neel at David Zwirner

Thinking of herself as a “collector of souls,” Neel created an oeuvre that not only reveals different facets of humanity, but also sums up the diversity of American urban society.




DAVID COHEN on The Summer of Flesh

John Currin

Paint Made Flesh at the Phillips Collection, and other shows this summer, reveal a love affair between a material painters use and the material all of us are.

DAVID COHEN on Provenance: How a Con Man and a Forger Rewrote the History of Modern Art by Laney Salisbury and Aly Sujo

Books in Brief by DAVID COHEN

A Summer round-up of books about the Kramarsky Drawing Collection, Sculptors Tim Scott and Arthur Carter, Sketchbooks by David Reed, Will Barnet and Chuck Bowdish, painters Alan Gussow, Graham Crowley and Terry Setch

Book Review
DAVID CARRIER on Ann Stokes: Artists' Potter

Some artists change the way that you understand art history. Ann changed the way that I and many other people understood everyday life.