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Mindy to Mork: Animated GIF as Cultural Relic

The Reaction GIF: Moving Image as Gesture at the Museum of the Moving Image

Screen image of select books, film, and music from the "Resources" section of the Keith Haring app for iPad2

Capturing Keith Haring’s Dynamism for $5.99

An app for iPad2 digitizes the 1980s art star

Rafäel Rozendaal, Finger Battle. Video game. Courtesy of Postmasters Gallery

“That Big Red Button Was Irresistible”: Play Station at Postmasters

Instructors at Pratt Institute’s Digital Arts program are let loose in a show of artist-made video games


Gif and Take:, where registered users post and modify animated images is a digital version of the old Surrealist genre of the exquisite corpse.


Missing the Magic: YouTube Play at the Guggenheim

The Biennial for Creative Video is mostly an excuse to show off projection technology

screenshot of

Beta Get Your Act Together, PBS: A critical look at their new arts website

No bravos for this lackluster new site, even if the programs trump Bravo’s “Work of Art”

Richard Haas, Fontainbleu Hotel, Miami Beach, Fl. 1986

Walls, ceilings and flaws: a book about murals published as a website

The Mural in America by Francis V. Connor, Ph. D. at