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December 2009

posted 12/30/2009
JOE FYFE on Helmut Federle at Peter Blum
helmut federle

Federle's attempt to create an atmosphere of spiritual mimesis is fairly unique in current abstract painting

posted 12/30/2009
DAVID BRODY on Eric Fischl at Mary Boone
eric fischl

By all rights these life-and-death-size duels in the sun between bullfighters and bulls should be awful, stripped of the mystery and mediation that until now had been the artist’s stock-in-trade

posted 12/30/2009
STEPHANIE BUHMANN on Gerhard Richter at Marian Goodman
gerhard richter

Austere, calming, provocative, aggressive, confronting, soothing, luring, denying - these are some of the adjectives that can be applied to Richter's new paintings

posted 12/28/2009
JONATHAN GOODMAN on Carroll Dunham at Gladstone
caroll dunham

Carroll Dunham’s rough canvases, tilting toward aggressive sexual assertion and actions of near anarchy, are catchy tunes of hipster malice.

posted 12/27/2009
ILKA SCOBIE on Denyse Thomasos at Lennon, Weinberg
denyse thomasos

Thomasos's vigorously contemporary abstraction is constructed upon imaginary metropolitan grids in which subterranean cages rise to skyscraper scale and architectural renderings blur into infinite space

posted 12/23/2009
DEVEN GOLDEN on Sylvia Sleigh at I-20
sylvia sleigh

Sleigh took a proto-feminist approach to spatial representation that was, and sometimes still is, confused with a naïve technique.

posted 12/15/2009
MERVE UNSAL on In Stitches at Leila Taghinia-Milani Heller

In Stitches surveys artists from very different backgrounds who are united by the medium of stitching, broadly defined.


Dispatches: Report from Miami
A.A.RUCCI on Art Basel and the Satellite fairs in Miami last week


DUNCAN HANNAH remembers Richard Merkin

richard merkin


The Review Panel
October 2009
Bill Berkson, Bridget Goodbody and Robert C Morgan joined David Cohen to review exhibitions of Vincent Fecteau, Alex Katz, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer and Yigal Ozeri

sterling ruby
Alex Katz

Book Review
DAVID CARRIER on Tiepolo Pink by Roberto Calasso from Alfred A. Knopf

Book Review
ERIC GELBER on Towards an Immersive Intelligence by Joseph Nechvatal from Edgewise Press