DAVID COHEN, Editor           


February 2010


posted 2/6//2010
Dispatches: Report from Harare


In a Catch-22, artists cannot sell their work, but they also cannot afford to “waste” materials on work that is not for sale.


Book Review posted 2/4/2010
Patrick Ireland/Brian O'Doherty: Between Categories, reviewed by David Carrier

“His ambition,” Moore-McCann concludes, “is nothing less than a transformation of thinking, looking beyond material objects to underlying systems of belief”

Tribute to Clare Weiss, determined and enterprising champion of art in public places


posted 2/19//2010
JONATHAN GOODMAN on David Reed at Peter Blum (Soho)

The drawings are filled with information and speculation

posted 2/24//2010
DAVID BRODY on Charles Steffen at Andrew Edlin

Stylistic textures are revealed to be unselfconscious tics without which Steffen cannot construct flesh

posted 2/18//2010
STEPHEN MAINE on Paul Corio at 210 Gallery

Corio brings a hard-earned sense of humor and mischief to abstraction rooted in the phenomenology of optical sensation, a branch of contemporary art not exactly known for big laughs.

posted 2/18//2010
JAMES GARDNER on Pablo Bronstein at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Bronstein appears to want to draw classical buildings as though he were at work in a perpetual ancien regime.

posted 2/19//2010
ABBE SCHRIBER on Diane Arbus and William Eggleston at Cheim & Read

Eggleston and Arbus promoted the shared view that no subject is uninteresting when captured a compelling way. 

posted 2/7//2010
CHRISTINA KEE on Josh Smith at Deitch Studios

The best works are vibrant and fun, and show the chops of a painter who takes delight in straightforward, rambunctious picture making.

posted 2/7//2010
ILKA SCOBIE on Man Ray at the Jewish Museum

Transgressive, experimental, fiercely individualistic, Man Ray evaded any categories not of his own creation. 

posted 2/7//2010
ROBERT C. MORGAN on Zhang Huan at PaceWildenstein

With Zhang's Rulai one senses the conflicting elements of life and death within the gray ash

posted 2/5//2010
KARLEY KLOPFENSTEIN on Demons, Yarns & Tales: Tapestries by Contemporary Artists at James Cohan Gallery
Fred Tomaselli

Among thirteen tapestries commissioned from contemporary artists, the most interesting are those in which the medium adds a level of meaning to the image

posted 2/3//2010
JOAN BOYKOFF BARON & REUBEN M. BARON on West Coast Minimalism in Four New York Galleries, including Primary Atmospheres at David Zwirner

We still have much to learn about California’s cool recasting of New York’s cold Minimalism, but these shows provide a good place to start.

posted 2/4//2010
DEVEN GOLDEN on Victor Pesce and William Carroll at Elizabeth Harris
Victor Pesce Open Door

Pesce freeze’s the moment, Carroll celebrates transience, and together they create a deeply meaningful and thoughtful dialogue.

posted 2/2//2010
KAREN GOVER on Erick Johnson at Heskin Contemporary

Once the complexity of the paintings’ under-layers have revealed themselves, we are in a position to appreciate the way in which these paintings offer up to us a visual metaphor of their own making.

posted 2/7//2010
JONATHAN GOODMAN on Linda Cross at Vassar College and the Beacon Institute
linda cross

She doesn’t paint so much as build her pictures…they seem to convey the reality of water stopped up with manmade detritus.