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January 2007


posted January 28, 2007
DEBORAH GARWOOD on Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer's Life, 1990-2005 at the Brooklyn Museum

in this portrait she pushed movie star glamour beyond extravagance: Leibovitz and Kidman created an archetypal image of feminine genius.

posted January 29, 2007
DAVID COHEN on Saint Clair Cemin, James Hyde, Jac Leirner at Sikkema, Jenkins

Just as Mr. Cemin’s somewhat romantic synthesis of the organic and the mechanical begins to relate to Mr. Hyde’s collision of the wayward and the contained, along comes Ms. Leirner, to remind the company that it is just art that’s being talked about.

posted January 28, 2007
DAVID GROSZ on Sean Scully at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Rhythm and energy characterize all of Mr. Scully’s work, though the vitality of his canvases is usually subtle and understated.

posted January 29, 2007
LISTEN TO THE REVIEW PANEL ONLINE: Review Panel Thirteen: November 3, 2006

newly posted recording: David Carrier, Martha Schwendener and Linda Yablonsky join David Cohen to review Fred Tomaselli, Sarah Morris, Cory Arcangel and Lisa Yuskavage

posted 1/19/2007
JOE FYFE on Some Hanoi Artists

The government of Vietnam has gone as far as to imprison people that discuss democracy on the Internet. But it has also been a place where many of its artists pursued their work while living something of a traditional artist’s life: productive, genteel, rough around the edges, and attractive to the outsider.