DAVID COHEN, Editor           


JULY 2009



posted 07/03/2009 from Des Plaines, Illinois
DIANE THODOS on Qigu Jiang at the Koehnline Museum

Jiang’s work is philosophy in motion: Essence of line and essence of modern truth are his constant themes. 

posted 07/09/2009
DAWN-MICHELLE BAUDE on Ross Chisholm at Marc Jancou

The background shadows throb with an almost Goya-esque expressionism. Maybe the matron is escaping into a sci-fi film. Maybe she's wandering through the forbidden recesses of memory itself.

posted 08/16/09 - July issue
DREW LOWENSTEIN on Anselm Kiefer Drawings at the Metropolitan Museum

Kiefer is a complicated independent, one who adopts the revanchist Neo Expressionist mode of his peers, yet embraces and exposes the repressed and tangled complexities of German life.

posted 08/24/09 - July issue
JONATHAN GOODMAN on Heidi Van Wieren at Margaret Thatcher Projects

The consequences of Van Wieren’s style allow for simultaneous readings of her art.



poetry for art
Alcuni Telefonini

Francesco Clemente

Book Review
DAVID CARRIER on Karen Smith's Nine Lives: The Birth of Avant-Garde Art in New China

It may seem odd to locate the birth of the Chinese avant-garde so close to the present, for in the West that period style label is associated with the late 19th Century, but in the early 1980s, China was emerging from a long period of being effectively cut off from the outside world

Dispatches: London
MICK FINCH on Mark Wallinger's The Russian Linesman at the Hayward Gallery

Renato Giuseppe Bertelli

PIRI HALASZ on Multireferential Imagery
a web exclusive extract from her new book, A Memoir of Creativity