DAVID COHEN, Editor           


JUNE 2009


posted 06/26/2009 from Montreal, Canada
CHRISTINA KEE on Allison Katz at Battat Contemporary

Although this exhibition consists of a wide range of works done over the past two years it is purely, and unapologetically, commemorative in spirit.

posted 06/28/2009
EMILY WARNER on Regina Granne at A.I.R. Gallery

Precisely situated in undelineated seas of space, Granne’s forms feel at once boldly declarative and alarmingly precipitous

posted 06/23/2009
JOAN BOYKOFF BARON & REUBEN BARON on John Chamberlain, Chakaia Booker and Dirk Skreber

John Chamberlai

Three exhibitions in New York last month showed that despite lagging sales of American cars, the car's role in art works remains undiminished.

posted 06/19/2009
JONATHAN GOODMAN on Chantal Joffe at Cheim & Read

Joffe is not a perfectionist. Instead, she is intent on capturing a moment in time, not with a photographer’s precision, but as a painterly tableau

posted 06/13/2009
DEVEN GOLDEN on Chuck Close at PaceWildenstein

The impulse to take Close for granted is perhaps all the greater because the work has an effortless assurance to it.  But we must slow down, look past the facility, past the celebrity, to find the real investigation still taking place

posted 06/13/2009
DAVID BRODY on Roxy Paine at the Met

Paine manages to steer these leafless “Dendroids,” as he calls them, between the Scylla of transparency and the Charibdis of mechanization.

posted 06/13/2009
JONATHAN GOODMAN on Takako Azami at M.Y. Art Prospects

One of the most interesting aspects is Azami’s negative capability: her technique demonstrates a willingness to expunge the self in favor of a poetic exactitude of description

posted 06/13/2009
COLLEEN ASPER on 1992009 at D'Amelio Terras

Jessica Diamond

1992009 is a group show with a catchy sci-fi name that offers the theory that 1992 and 2009 share not only similar cultural landmarks–the replacement of a Bush in the White House with a Democrat, the war in Iraq, and fiscal failure–but also an artistic vision. 




Dispatches: Venice
53rd Venice Biennale

Mona Hatoum

Film Review
Ariane Lopez-Huici: The Body Close Up: A Film by Marilia Destot

If sexuality and non-conformity are abiding topics in Lopez-Huici’s oeuvre, Destot’s remarkable film asserts that the body’s jubilation, exuberance, and self-acceptance are themes that lie at its heart

Dispatches: Berlin
on exhibitions of Giotto and Rothko at the Gemäldegalerie, and Picturing America at the Deutsches Guggenheim