Face Lifts: New Paintings and Drawings by Barbara Friedman

116 Warren Street . 518 828 4539
Opens: 08/03/13, Closes: 09/15/13

“I ‘perform’ as an artist while symbolically wearing the smock of the faithful museum copyist–an old trope often associated with ‘lady’ painters. I attempt both to honor and subvert this stereotype by parking in front of images, responding to them intuitively, and letting them become generative springboards… [A]t some museums, like the Met, I have to get my painting stamped ‘this is a copy’. This official stamp marks my painting as non-art, meaning that it’s not from the museum’s collection. I think of this as the counterpart to ‘Ceçi n’est pas une pipe,’ (This is not a pipe*), an addendum that both denies the artwork’s function and let’s it take on a new function.” Barbara Friedman
exhibition closes September 15
Barbara Friedman, Dutch Woman with Yellow Lungs (after Susanna Lunden by Rubens), 2012. Oil on wood, 24 x 18 inches. Courtesy of the Artist