Greg Lindquist: Smoke and Water: Dispatches

Greg Lindquist, Smoke and Water: Dispatches, 2017; acrylic on sheetrock, 12 by 26 feet, coal ash in plexiglass vitrines (dimensions variable); Duke Energy's Sutton Lake (Selenium), oil on canvas, 78 by 68 in, 2015; Duke Energy's Dan River, oil on panel, 32 x 49 x 2 in, 2014/2016, Smoke and Water, Mercury, oil, glass bead and iridescent pigment on linen, 8 x 10 1/8 in, 2016; The Library at Central Booking, NYC
21 Ludlow Street. (347) 731-6559
Opens: 05/04/17, Closes: 05/28/17

Central to the strength of Lindquists works is their painterly experimentation. By this I don’t simply mean a more physical sense of the medium, but more specifically a resonant relationship built between color, application and subject matter – a rapprochement of form to content. The grayscale precision of Lindquist’s earlier work is now translated into color: Tone-by-tone chromatic amplification yields powerful imagistic presence. Particularly effective is the way Lindquist constructs form through staggered layers of color. This superimposition effect visually references stencil or silkscreen techniques. It brings to mind a step-by-step process of image making, and by extension serves as a reminder of the selective and successive properties of perception. CHRISTINA KEE (2012)