Robert Hullot-Kentor lectures at Murray Guy on Thursday, July 11 at 5pm

Installation image of the exhibition Utopian Benches by Francis Cape
453 West 17th Street. 212 463 7372
Opens: 07/11/13, Closes: 07/11/13

The philosopher Robert Hullot-Kentor will present a lecture titled “What will talk bear?” in conjunction with Francis Cape’s exhibition Utopian Benches at Murray Guy. Hullot-Kentor is the Chair of SVA’s new MA program Critical Theory and the Arts, and the author of “Things Beyond Resemblance: Collected Essays on Theodor W. Adorno” (Columbia University, 2008).

Utopian Benches is on view at Murray Guy from June 27 to August 2, 2013