Jennifer Wynne Reeves: Blobscapes

526 West 26th Street . (212) 462-4404
Opens: 02/10/17, Closes: 03/18/17

Writing in these pages of her Facebook friend and fellow artist, the late Lori Ellison said in relation to the late Jennifer Wynne Reeves: “Klee and Arp were designated the humorous painters of the time by art critics. I would add Sonia Delaunay and Sophie Taeuber-Arp. But their humor is not lacking in gravity. People err when they think of life as pure tragedy, for they will become melancholics, or of life as pure comedy, for they will become clowns. Life is both tragic and comic at the same time. Reeves shares with these artists a sense of the tragicomic.” Pictured here: nitial Impulse Abstractionist Explores New Ground