Julia Rommel: The Little Match Stick

178 Norfolk Street. 212 227-2783
Opens: 02/16/14, Closes: 03/16/14

This is Rommel’s third solo show with Bureau. The gallery says of their artist: “Rommel’s paintings are built up from architectural lines which compartmentalize the canvases, each reminiscent of a crafted stained glass window. The viewer, on the inside looking out, experiences a kind of luminosity shining through, each canvas to a new destination. There is a strong emphasis on a natural color palette. Swaths of blues and greens mix with ochres and browns calling to mind the view of thunderous seascapes or rolling plains and distant vegetation. This evocation also suggests a loosening of self control for Rommel who typically looks to the natural landscape for inspiration, but rarely lets it seep so heavily into her paintings.”