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November 2009

The Visitor: Vermeer's Milkmaid at the Met by BILL BERKSON

Light in Vermeer is such a fact of aesthetic experience, so intrinsic to everyone’s appreciation of his art, that it may have blinded us to a great deal else that shows up in the pictures.

Anne Waldman and Pat Steir: Cry Stall Gaze

The third in artcritical's ongoing series of collaborations between painters and poets

byte-sized interview
Joanne Greenbaum talks for one minute with JOHN ZINSSER






posted 11/30/2009
MORGAN TAYLOR on Craig Manister at the Painting Center

the eye of the viewer zig-zags in space from overlapping plane to plane,  neoclassic style

posted 11/23/2009
JONATHAN GOODMAN on Wolfgang Laib at Sean Kelly

Laib sees his art as having a political dimension, in the sense that the production of cultural artifacts change people and institutions

posted 11/19/2009
DAVID CARRIER on Pat Steir at the New York Studio School

Taking subjects from the raw materials for old master art, Steir transforms them in accord with her very contemporary sensibility.


posted 11/3/2009
KAREN GOVER on Jack Pierson at Cheim & Read

We wonder what these signs used to say when they were part of something bigger—a word, a world.