DAVID COHEN, Editor           


October 2006

posted 10/16/2006
DAVID COHEN on Matthew Ritchie at Andrea Rosen, Barnaby Furnas at Marianne Boesky

Their art is as photogenic as the glossies frequently prove the young art stars themselves to be. Cheerful palette, spritely markmaking, sumptuous overload and dexterous skill are the pervasive qualities of both exhibitions. These are the masters of doomsday décor.

posted 10/16/2006
DAVID COHEN on Alison Elizabeth Taylor at James Cohan, Elizabeth Huey at Feigen Contemporary, Karen Kilimnik at 303

Ms. Taylor’s fluency in wood is quite breathtaking... and yet , inevitably, the medium retains its inherent awkwardness, thereby conveying a tension that finds its emotional equivalence in the subject matter.

posted 10/16/2006
MULTIPLYING VARIATIONS: DAVID OLIVANT on Robin Hill at CSU Stanislaus, California

The fact that meanings are so trenchantly embedded in the very fabric and manufacture of these works provides the locus for interpreting them. Relationships among materials, processes and meanings are so oblique, or idiosyncratic, however, that meanings have to be unraveled, unpacked or uncovered from their material envelopes.

posted 10/2/2006
ERIC GELBER on Jockum Nordström at David Zwirner, Norbert Schwontkowski at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

For Nordström, drawing is a variegated and playful exploration of the psyche, and luckily for us, he is not afraid to suppress his child within, although we shouldn’t forget how sophisticated these drawings and collages really are.

posted 10/2/2006
MIRIAM BRUMER on Rebecca Morales at BravinLee Programs

While the fidelity to the observed fact, in these works, is in the  stringent tradition of academic illustration, she departs from this approach in one important aspect: in her combining of elements that do not co-exist naturally.