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posted 9/26/2009
HILARIE M. SHEETS on Will Ryman at Marlborough Chelsea

As in the films of David Lynch, a seedy underbelly lurks below this rosy landscape.

posted 9/21/2009
HILARIE M. SHEETS on Enoc Perez at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Enoc Perez uses the contours of modernist architecture and feminine beauty to explore ideas of longing, nostalgia, optimism and melancholy

posted 9/12//2009
PIRI HALASZ on Stanley Boxer at University of Richmond, Virginia

the ultra-fine glistening granules, sequins, delicate strings, sawdust, minuscule wood shavings and other mystery ingredients were chosen for purely aesthetic reasons.  How they looked mattered more than what they said

The Review Panel
September 2009
David Brody, David Carrier and Linda Nochlin join David Cohen to review
Janine Antoni, Maya Lin, Chris Ofili, and Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde Wiley

Dispatches: Berkeley, California
JOHN RAPKO on Human/Nature at the Berkeley Art Museum

Diana Thater

By design, the show is a revealing jumble, expressing something of what it has come to mean to respond to a place (or site, region, niche), and something of what it can no longer mean

film review
JOE FYFE on The Painter Sam Francis, a film by Jeffrey Perkins

Dispatches: Beijing
DAVID CARRIER on Yan Pei-Ming at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art

By his critical reference to the illusions of the rhetoric of the Olympics, vastly expensive events which diverted funding from the fundamental needs of the population, he makes a powerful political statement, all the more potent because it is extremely elliptical.