Archived shows at A.I.R. Gallery:

National Artists Exhibition: In the Secret Garden, Curated by Rocío Aranda-Alvarado Jane Swavely: Espial; Shadi Harouni: Paved Over and Other Stories; Kameelah Rasheed: On Refusal Daniela Kostova: LOOSE Currents 2016: Do You Hear What I Hear? (Group Exhibition) curated by Anthony Elms Andrea Burgay: Destroy Edit Transform Joan Ryan: Masking Power Studio 44: Another Nature (Group Exhibition) Nancy Azara: Tuscan Spring Generations X: Razzle Dazzle; Fanny Allie: Vessels Erica Stoller: Gravity Feed/Esther Naor The Object is Present /Sylvia Netzer: Artifacts : Rattles Barbara Grinell and Catherine Mosley Melissa Murray and Julia Westerbeke: ECHOES Kathleen Schneider, Marcia Neblett, Alexandria Smith Marcia Neblett : Hybrids The Art of Sleep : Daria Doros and Yvette Drury Dubinsky: Tondos, Tornados, Torpedoes and Sara Mejia Kriendler: The Anthropocene Ann Schaumburger: One, six, twelve, Twenty and The Paintings of Regina Granne: Above the clouds and under the radar Alisa Henriquez: Floaters and Claudia Sohrens: Paternoster National Artists Exhibition: Transformed Viewpoints Joo Yeon Woo: What’s my name and Katsura Okada: Apetalous II and Amanda Turner Pohan: The signals are caressing us A.I.R. Gallery’s 11th Biennial Exhibition:Making and Taking: Pictures Reconsidered Liz Surbeck Biddle: Premonitions/Intuitions and Erin Wiersma: the Theory of Line and Željka Blakši? : Paradiso Nancy Lasar : Wild Woods and Whirligig Girls and Sue Hettmansperger: Iterations and Staff Picks: Pumping up the volume at A.I.R. Joan Snitzer: Compositions and Elisabeth Munro Smith: Family Stories: New Constructions and Julia Westerbeke: Morphology Dina Kantor: Treece Wet Paint: Recent Work By A.I.R.’s Gallery’s New York Artists Wish You Were Here 13 Maxine Henryson and Iris Goldstein and Susan Stainman Ann Pachner and Maude Boltz and Jayanthi Moorthy Susan Bee: Doomed to Win: Paintings from the Early 1980s and Petey Brown: Tango and Amelia Marzec: New American Sweatshop Liminal Communities: National & International Members Francie Shaw: Rex Works and Traverse:Melissa Murray Erica Stoller and Kindred : Whitney Wood Bailey, Natalie Dunham and Vadis Turner A “Womanhouse” or a Roaming House? and A “Room of One’s Own” Laura Petrovich-Cheney Ephemeral Linda Kuehne Generations Rachel Farmer: Ancestors Louise McCagg: Life Line Jane Swavely: Purlieu Joan Snitzer: The Red Studio Belle Shafir: Nuchal Translucency Sylvia Netzer: Trackways Wish You Were Here Shanti Grumbine: The Glittering Point Annika Erixan: Spacetime of One’s Own Varieties of Denial: Terri Kapsalis and Katie Kahn Sheila Ross Fragments: The A.I.R. Gallery’s National Members Exhibition The A.I.R. 40th Anniversary Exhibition The A.I.R 40th Anniversary Exhibition Are We There Yet? Catherine Mosley: New Works Ivy Dachman and Jessie Henson 10th Biennial Ann Schaumburger: New Paintings Sylvia Netzer: Whorl Marie Sivak: Smokescreen Jisoo Lee Light and Color+