Archived shows at Able Fine Art NY Gallery:

Hyeyoung An: City-Compoition Sunsook Kim: Dreaming Stranger New Generation Group Exhibition: Students of Sejong Univ. Painting Dept. Sun Choe: Three Days and Eunsoon Jeon: Coexistance Heejae Huh and Dahn Kim Myeonghee Yeo: Peace and Blessing IM GOONOO: Cosmos Sangwoo Shin: Modern People – A Deviation from Daily Life Aesthetics of Affinity: New Paintings by Suena Unmixed Sense: Clara Mikimoto, Jeon Nak, Soonja Kang, and Youngho Seock New Work by Jeon Nak Affectionate Things: Dongyoon Park Date Soonmin Choi: My Father’s House and Wonhee Noh: Blue Fantasia Yongil Park: He-story Misun Chun: Accompany Heehyun Lee: Daily Things Choongmi Jung: Harmony and Marsha Solomon: From Rhythm To Form Yunjung Lee: Considering Color Crossing Lines: Adel Gorgy, Robert Morgan, Yunwoo Choi Daniel Arango VS. Kevin Arnold:Faith as Model Jina Yu and Yangmi Kim Designed by Nature III: Youngse Kim HyeongTae Moon: True, Lies of Life YoungHo Kim: A Memory The Solo Exhibition ofSteve Hickok: Passage and YoungShin Ryu: Cluster Lorenzo Cascio: Myth Guides Me Into Contemporary World The World Comes To Resemble Us: Work by Youngseok Gwon The Meaning of Color: New Works by SungPil Lim and Innerscape: Digital Works by Gwi-Jeong Jo Every Mind is a World: New Works by Joseph Arthur ABLE Collection: SungYo Hong KwanWoo Lee SungRyong Hong Wan Kim Robert C. Morgan: Neo-Metaphysical Paintings, 2011-13 Insoo Shin: Respiration Chaehyun Oh and Chungmi Jung Fearless: Winners of the 2013 Competition Karin Batten Jiwon Han: Simply Balanced Ayumi Yamada: 27 Misun Lee: Embracing The Dawn Wan Kim: Zenscape Jaeman Cho: Happy Underground Minwoo Sung Kiseok Kim Leonrdo Pereznieto: Beauty in Metaphors Cecily Kahn: Balancing Act Arcady Kotler Young-Ho Seock and Teressa Valla