Archived shows at Abrons Art Center:

Exhibition TBA: Curated by Xavi Acarin Abrons Faculty Exhibition 2017 Franklin Evans: American Realness On The Inside: A Group Show of LGBTQ Artists Who Are Currently Incarcerated Reexamine the Space Rec-elections (Now more than ever., 1) Daniel Bejar, Doreen Garner, Maria Rapicavoli, George Terry, Jaimie Warren: AIRspace 2016 Partners: Yale Painting & Sculpture MFA 2016 Subject to Capital: A Group Exhibition Visible Histories (American Abstract Artists) curated by Max Weintraub ___Families of Objects Brian Wondergem: Return Sequence Time Travel: Summer 2015 Student Exhibition AIRSPACE 2015: A group exhibition of new projects GUERRILLA GIRLS: Not Read to Make Nice: 30 Years and Still Counting! How To Tell If Your Krill Oil Supplements Are Ripping You Off: Group Exhibition A Sea Change Into Lands Rich and Strange Parmer Arturo Vidich : Temporary Landscapes Geometries of Intimacy: Group Exhibition Metric Systems: Group Exhibition AIRspace: Group Show Brendan Fernandes: The Inverted Pyramid Artist Talk: B. Wurtz Activate NY Hymns for Mr. Suzuki Uptown Downtown: An Abrons Arts Center Benefit AIRspace 2013 Harm van den Dorpel: Release early, release often, delegate everything you can, be open to the point of promiscuity Narcissister: Organ Player, Performance DECENTER: An Exhibition on the Centenary of the 1913 Armory Show IAN PEDIGO: EYES FIXED UPON PICTURES Heta Kuchka: Present David Spriggs: Blue Trombly Rodriguez: The Fabric of a Space Tova Carlin: Fall Recipes