Archived shows at Agora Gallery:

Mélange of Milieu Plurality of Expression & Emerging Visions Sensorial Perspectives: Group Show Idiosyncratic Expressions: group exhibition Kelley Millet, Pathway to Abstraction: group show, and Mélange of Milieu: group show On View: A Group Exhibition From Here to There: A Group Exhibition Fragmented Reality: A Group Exhibition Contemporary Perspectives / Plurality of Expression Sovereign Women / Femmes Souveraines Illumination: An Exhibition of Fine Art Photography East Meets West: An Exhibition of Fine Art from Asia The Essence of Abstraction: Group Exhibition Project 13: Ghass Rouzkhosh / a Solo Exhibition Portals of Perception Sensorial Realms: Group Exhibition Labyrinth of Color and Reconstructing Reality : Group Exhibitions In a Corner of Paradise: Francine Gravel and The Poetry of Color: Anna Rita Alatan Enigmatic Realms; Realms of Figuration; South Central: Painting from the Biobío Region of Chile; Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition Group Exhibitions: The French Perspective: Contemporary Art from France, Cadences of Color and Sensorial Sensibilities Beyond the Horizon: Max Werner Group Exhibitions: Mélange of Milieu and The Essence of Abstraction Group Exhibitions: Art to Heart: in Support of the Children’s Heart Foundation,Figuratively Speaking andElemental Realms Portals of Perception; The Substance of Abstraction ; A Vortex of Color: Bill Dixon / a Solo Exhibition The Odyssey Within; Sensorial Realms; Pathway to Abstraction; Visual China New York City 2013: Group Exhibitions Unbound Perspectives Persistence of Form Lady Gioconda: Divine Stardom Henri Gueguen: Breaking Boundaries / Femmes à l’honneur The Kaleidoscope of the Mind Masters of the Imagination: The Latin American Fine Art Exhibition Portals of Perception: Jennifer Ferdinandsen, Susannah Virginia Griffin, Natali Karppinen, Fred Mou The Chelsea International Fine Art Competition Exhibition Interpretive Realms Degrees of Abstraction Kaneko Johkoh: Witness, a State of Being The Manifestation of Milieu Pulse of Abstraction The Odyssey of Color Out From Down Under & Beyond: Fine Art From Australia and New Zealand Stephen Tobin: The Natural Instincts of Nature Altered States of Reality: An Exhibition of Analog and Digital Fine Art Photography Interpretive Realms Art that will Make You Marvel The Essence of Abstraction Sensorial Perspectives Degrees of Abstraction Idiosyncratic Expressions Art to Heart: in Support of the Children’s Heart Foundation The Odyssey Within: Fine Art by Greek and Italian Artists Robert Oelman George Oommen Sudnya Shroff : Weaving the Rainbow