Archived shows at Alexandre Gallery:

Martha Diamond John Walker: Looking out to sea Reception for the artist November 5, 5:30-7:30 pm Re-opening group exhibition: Early 20th century American artists American Masterworks from the Merrill C. Berman Collection Marvin Bileck: Prints and Emily Nelligan: Drawings Brett Bigbee and Lois Dodd Neil Welliver: Oil studies John Walker: Recent Paintings Bernard Langlais: Works on Paper Selected Works by Gallery Artists for American Week Loren Maciver’s Light: Selected Paintings Gallery Selections Lois Dodd: Recent Paintings and Anne Arnold: Drawings Emily Nelligan: Drawings and Marvin Bileck: Thimbledon Bridge Gregory Amenoff: Trace:Paintings and Drawings Works by Gallery Artists and Steiglitz Group American Modernists and Stieglitz Group Bernard Langlais: Works in Wood Tom Uttech: Adisokewinini Anne Harris: New Paintings Tom Uttech: New Paintings Lois Dodd: Small Panel Paintings Loren Maclver: Selected Paris Paintings Richard Walker – House Paintings Richard Walker and Loren MacIver Brett Bigbee and Neil Welliver Karl Schrag: The Rhythms of Nature, A Centennial Celebration Neil Welliver: Selected Paintings Lois Dodd: Catching the Light at the Kemper Museum Anne Arnold: Sculpture from Four Decades 20th Century American Modernists and Gallery Artists, Selected Works Jen Casad: Drawings Lois Dodd: New Panel Paintings Brett Bigbee: Recent Work Will Barnet: Small Works on Paper from the 1950s Will Barnet: Works on Paper from the 1940s and 1950s Works by Gallery Artists & American Modernists Lois Dodd: Shadows: Recent Paintings Gallery Artists and American Modernists Gregory Amenoff: At All Hours, New Paintings Works by Gallery Artists & American Modernists Will Barnet: Recent Abstract Paintings