Archived shows at Amos Eno:

Nancy Elsamanoudi: Blood Moon DS Lee: Interior Landscape Gwen Shockey: The Hand Inventory Project Chris Esposito: Elemental Ground Sunyoung Seo: Affection Stephen March: Recent Tribes Works Tulu Bayar: 20’s Something Anthony Dortch: HUSK Cynthia Laureen Vogt: Unsettled Alphabets Ulrike Stadler: Tulips Dying and Crying Group Exhibition: What Makes Us? Anthony Cuneo: Paintings to Match Your Couch Chris Kienke: EXIT SIX Art Not Without _____ : Group Exhibition Jose-Ricardo Presman: Inoculate Walter Zimmerman: Vision / Re-Vision Gwen Shockey: The Continuation of Life Gwen Shockey: The Continuation of Life Erik Patton: Metasexuals Past/Forward Lucy Wilner: Life on Earth Cynthia Laureen Vogt: Nights on Dry Land Mimi Oritsky: Rock and Tree Debris Two Walls and a Floor: Chris Kienke, Gwen Shockey, Sam Tufnell, and Lucy Wilner The Privileged Series: Among The Commoners by Anthony Dortch Tulu Bayar: Playground: A Photographic Installation Walt Swales: Gone Fishing!!! Stephen March: Surveillance Distinct Reflections Charleen Kavleski Anthony Cuneo: Fresh Stuff Seeing is Believing Naury Garcia-Joaquin: What Nourishes Me Kills Anti Liu: Sculpture Artists at Play: Group Show CROP: New Work by Sunyoung Seo Walter Thompson: Retrospective Tulu Bayar: Invisible Young Blood: Group Show Eric Banks: New Work Ulrike Stadler: Gelatin Print Monotypes Lacey Kim: Dialogue of Silence On the Road again: Group Show Beacon Artists Union More is More : Recent Work by Jon Barwick Margaret Withers: Feeling untethered I laid down my Memories Charleen Kavleski: Installations of Acrylic-Shaped Canvas Constructions Jane McClintock: Times Square Reflections V Prinzessin: Monica Bauer Crossroads, Seven Acts Marina Reiter: Endless Summer Anthony Cuneo: Unwanted Literature