Archived shows at Amsterdam Whitney:

Melodies of Earth & Sky Enchanted Soul-stice; Labyrinth to a Dream; Reveries of the Sun & the Moon Starlit Candescence; Synergy of the Stars; Starlight Synchronicities; Collector’s Choice La Dolce Vita: Primavera Spring Solstice Soiree Matrix of Conceptualization, Abstraction in the Present Tense, Articrats of the Abstract (Group Shows) Rhapsody of the Abstract, Coeur a Couer, Heart & Soul (Group Shows) Winter Soul-stice, Subliminal Jubilations, Catalyst of the Incandescent Evanescent Optyx, Cornucopic Dioramas & Synergies of the Plentitude: Group Show Group Show: Maximus of the Matrix, Optimum of the Artissimo, Artidunal Allusions, Synergistic Cavalcades Turbogistic Synergies, Divine pursuit of the Optimax, From the Earth to the Sky, Vortex of the Huetopia Coeur à Coeur, Rhapsody of the Abstract, Heart & Soul Brush With Greatness, Prismatic Portals, Strokes of Genius Catalystic Transfigurations APOTHEOSIS of the ARTcetera Fantasmigorical I-lluminations Synchronicities of Plentitude Paradigms of Luminescence The Invisible within the Visible EYEconic Visions HUEtopian Quests Elixirs to Fantasia, Magical Incantations, Celestial Spirits, Enchanted Alchemies I-Luminated Eye Vortices of Life Metamorphic Dichotomies Quintessence of the Abstract ARTidunal Allusions Transluminescent Fusions Inner & Outer Horizons Magical Moonlight Meditations Gateway to Enchanted Reveries Beyond Dreams to Fantasies Labyrinth To The Stars Juvenescent Transfigurations Celestial Divertimentos Electricite of the Vortex Paradigms Fantastiques