Archived shows at Andrea Rosen:

Pope.L; Will Boone Alina Szapocznikow / Robert Motherwell Josiah McElheny: Paintings and Continuous Surfaces: Sara Cwynar, Lukas Geronimas, Josh Reames, Cole Sayer EVERYTHINGS: Hayden Dunham, Parker Ito, Timur Si-Qin Robert Motherwell: Opens and Stan VanDerBeek Sharon Hayes, Tony Lewis, Adam Pendleton Enigmas: Martin Barré, David Ostrowski, Julian Schnabel, Reena Spaulings Based on a novel by Alison Gingeras Katy Moran and László Moholy-Nagy Production / Reproduction The Thing and The Thing-In-Itself Curated by Robert Hobbs and Michael Wang Michael St. John, Borna Sammak, Martha Rosler; Bill Bollinger, John Divola, Magali Reus Matthew Ritchie and Matt Keegan and Anne Truitt Matthew Ronay: Wavelength Back grounds: Impressions Photographiques (2) Mika Rottenberg: Bowls Balls Souls Holes and José Lerma Friedrich Kunath: The Temptation To Exist (May Contain Nuts) and Sharon Hayes: Fingernails on a blackboard David Altmejd Alina Szapocznikow and Hannah Wilke Matt Connors, John Henderson, and Lucas Knipscher Josephine Meckseper Llyn Foulkes Counter Forms Michael St. John: Country Life Michael Raedecker: Tour Simon Fujiwara Group Exhibition Wolfgang Tillmans Temptation of the Diagram Aaron Bobrow Jacob Kassay, Lawrence Weiner, Olivier Mosset Cellblock I and II Andrea Zittel: Fluid Panel State Josiah McElheny: Some thoughts about the abstract body Nigel Cooke Cultural Production: Group Show Michael St. John The Wedding (Walker Evans Polaroid Project) with Roni Horn; Michael St. John (Gallery 2) Llyn Foulkes Sterling Ruby and Lucio Fontana Matthew Ronay: Between the Worlds Lior Shvil Operation: OZ Belev-Yam Katy Moran David Altmejd The Flemish Masters: That’s Life Gillian Carnegie Jose Lerma: I am Sorry I am Perry Ilene Segalove: curated by Dean Valentine Friedrich Kunath: Tropical Depression Tetsumi Kudo: Cubes and Gardens Crystalline Architecture: curated by Josiah McElheny Carol Bove, Sterling Ruby, Dana Schutz She Awoke with a Jerk: curated by Nigel Cooke Karla Black and Nate Lowman