Archived shows at Bernarducci Meisel:

Tjalf Sparnaay: New Paintings Cityscape paintings: Looking from the outside in Eric Meola: Storm Chaser new photographs Sally Davies: Large scale photographs of the Lower East Side Gabriel Crones: New Paintings Yigal Ozeri: Bear Mountain Jack Mendenhall: Recent paintings Hilo Chen and Park Hyung Jin True Colors: Group Exhibition Stephen Knapp: Illuminations Bernardo Torrens : The Three Graces and Other Works and Robert Gniewek Mug Shots: Portraits of Evil and Stephen Knapp Illuminations Ester Curini: New Paintings Birds: A Group Show Robert Bernardi Sharon Moody: Trompe L’Oeil Paintings of Classic Comic Books Gus Heinze: Glass and Steel Sally Davies: Photographs of the Lower East Side Paul Caranicas: New Paintings Gallery Group Exhibition: Fall Preview Summer Sights: A Gallery Survey Exhibition Charles Jarboe: Sunrise, Sunset Cheryl Kelley: New Paintings of Classic Cars Cheryl Kelley: New Paintings Valentine Matthew Pierog: Night Moves Group Exhibition Randall Rosenthal: Trompe-L’Oeil Sculpture Katherine Mangiardi: Painting Lace BMG First Look Mark Goings: New Watercolors Leonard Koscianski: New Paintings Contemporary Trompe L’oeil All In: Summer Group Exhibition Roberto Bernardi: New Paintings Raphaella Spence Il Gruppo di Scicli Doug Webb: New Paintings Tom Blackwell: New Paintings Ester Curini Mel Ramos: Selections from the Retrospective Robert Neffson: Urban Landscapes Park Hyung Jin Ester Curini: New Paintings Hubert de Lartigue: Muses Sharon Moody Stand Still: Group Show Bertrand Meniel: New Paintings Luigi Benedicenti: Decadenza Dolce New York Cityscape Paintings Hans Van de Bovenkamp Three Solo Exhibitions: Roberto Bernardi, Raphaella Spence, Rey Milici John DeAndrea: New Hand-Painted Bronzes David Dewey Charles Jarboe Arless Day Paul Caranicas: From The Center To The Edge – 1980-2010 Gus Heinze: A Ten Year Survey 2001-2010 Bernardo Torrens: Paintings of Melania and Jesi Cheryl Kelley: Pedal to the Metal, Paintings of Classic Automobiles George D. Green Robert Gniewek: Recent Paintings Gallery Group Exhibition Grand Opening of new exhibition space at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery Summer Sweet: group survey exhibition