Archived shows at Bowery Gallery:

Diane Drescher: Urban Landscapes: Off the Grid Adrianne Lobel Martha Armstrong: East to West 24th Annual Juried Show Invitational Show: ZEUXIS: Beyond the Window Invitational Show: Phyllis Floyd/Megan Williamson Deborah Rosenthal Deborah Kahn Dena Schutzer Grier Torrence Rita Baragona and Naomi Nemtzow Christopher S. Dolan: Solving Yesterday’s Problems Today, New Paintings and Drawings Jessie Hedden: Recent Drawings and Paintings and David Mollett: Recent Paintings and Woodcuts Artists Talk: Rachel Siporin: Color Woodcuts Karen A Davie: Conversations: Recent Paintings Nagib Nahas: Street Views Janet Gorzegno Marylou Schuck/Iris Osterman Richard La Presti John Goodrich John Bradford Betsy B. Davidson: Choice and Serendipity: Paintings, Collages and Assemblages Anne Delaney: Alone, Together Ian Tornay: Paintings Bowery Gallery’s 22nd Annual Juried Show, Juror: Joan Snyder Roger Barnes: House Painting Robert Robbins Roger Barnes Evelyn Twitchell Temma Bell Barbara Goodstein Christine Hartman, Nicole Maynard-Sahar David Bradford Hearne Pardee: Visual Resources Hearne Pardee Younghee Choi Martin Tony Serio and Lynn Kotula Diane Drescher: The High Line Martha Armstrong Invitational Show Invitational Show Nowinski, Janice Franks, Stephanie Naomi Nemtzow and Rita Baragona Esme Thompson Deborah Rosenthal: Journeys and Topologies Group Show: Gallery Artists Grier Torrence Nagib Nahas Adrianne Lobel Dena Schutzer: Recent Paintings and Drawings Juried Show Robert Patrick: Skins Chris Kienke: The Armada Ruth Bernard Deborah Kahn Lynette Lombard Ian Tornay: Painting and Relief Sculpture Robert Jessel David Mollett and Jessie Hedden John Bradford: Painting the Biblical Narrative Martha Armstrong Iris Osterman Evelyn Twitchell 18th Annual Juried Exhibition at Bowery Gallery Jane Culp: Rugged California Wilderness Pages: Bowery Gallery 40th Anniversary Exhibit David Bradford Hearne Pardee: Field and Frame