Archived shows at BravinLee Programs:

Introspective Self Portraits, A group exhibition Erik Olson: Düsseldorfers Elektra KB Migration and Transculturality Paper Route 66 Judith Henry : Hidden: Two Iterations Amparo Sard Jeffrey Beebe: The Battle of The Invoked Impossibility: Furthur Adventures in Refractoria Halley Zien: We’re All In Here Jennifer Reeves (1963-2014) Memorial Exhibition Clint Jukkala Katie Armstrong Douglas Florian: The Beestes and the Briddes Alle Space is the place: Group Exhibition and Matthew Weinstein: Artist’s book program Erik Olson Leslie Baum, Stacy Fisher, and Matthew Miller Elektra KB : There are Women at the Gates Seeking a New World… Floater Jennifer Wynne Reeves: The Worms in the Walls at Mondrian’s House Laura Krifka: Viper Kingdom Jennifer Wynne Reeves: The Worms in the Walls at Mondrian’s House Tom Sanford Charles Ritchie: Drawings and Journals Philip Akkerman: Miners Syd Mead: Future Perfect Douglas Florian: Dawn Thieves Amy Wilson: We dream of starfish and geodesic domes Iva Gueorguieva and Rebecca Morales Boo Ritson: All Aboard Melissa Meyer: Just Painting Lisa Kellner: Love is a Place Katie Armstrong: Once More Once More Chuck Close , Thomas Nozkowski, Fabian Marcaccio, Alex Brown and Project Room: Oaths? Questions? by Marjorie Welish, James Siena Iva Gueorguieva: Cut Marcia Kure: Fashionable Hybrids Dahlia Elsayed: Perennial Bloom Rebecca Morales Philip Akkerman: Am I A Person? Brian Belott: Kook Books Justine Kurland and Francesca Woodman Mark Grotjahn, Sol LeWitt, Allan McCollum, James Siena, James Welling Chris Astley: Geronimo Amy Wilson: It takes time to turn a space around Douglas Florian: Letting In the Light