Archived shows at BRIC:

Open (c)all: Up For Debate The 28th Annual Contemporary Art Education Exhibition (Group Exhibition) Laura Karetzky and Manuel Sosa: In-Communication / In-Transit Whisper Or Shout: Artists in the Social Sphere (Group Exhibition) Tirtzah Bassel: TSA Adrienne Elise Tarver: Eavesdropping OPEN (C)ALL: Up For Debate (Group Exhibition) Kyoung Eun Kang: Omaha Diaries I The Spinning Wheel Exhibition The Spinning Wheel: Street Art Poetics Gabriela Galván: The Mystery of Jazzy, Blugui, Dagui, Master, Square Juan Sánchez ¿What’s The Meaning of This? Clifford Ross: Water | Waves | Wood Cecile Chong: Time Collision The 27th Annual Contemporary Art and Media Education Student Exhibition: Classroom as Studio Mapping Brooklyn OPEN (C)ALL: The Artist’s Studio BRIC Biennial Housewarming: Notions of Home from the End of the Universe The 25th Annual Contemporary Art Education Student Exhibition Nyeema Morgan: Forty-Seven Easy Poundcakes Cultural Fluency: Engagements with Brooklyn En Foco: New Works/Crossing Boundaries On Purpose: Art & Design in Brooklyn 8 Artists Making Sculpture: The 5th Annual Registry Exhibition I Am You, You Are Me: The 24th Annual BRIC Contemporary Art Student Exhibition So to Speak, Lori Ledis Emerging Curator Exhibition, Curated by Emily Bercir Zimmerman Mystics: A blessed rage for order Figured, curated by Kris Nuzzi The Bricoleurs, curated by Christian Fuller and Risa Shoup The (S) Files 2011: Group Show 30: A Brooklyn Salon Exhibition: Group Show The 23rd Annual BRIC Contemporary Art Education Exhibition Water Water Every Where: Curated by Elizabeth Ferrer A Strange Alchemy: Group Show Neo-nomads: What travels with you? Artist & Artifact: Re|Visioning Brooklyn’s Past Artist and Artifact: Re Visioning Brooklyn’s Past Real Non-Fiction: The Third Annual Artists from the Registry Exhibition Invent/Onsite: curated by Hawley Hussey