Archived shows at Carter Burden Gallery:

Elton Tucker: On the Wall Azita Ghafouri and Eveline Luppi: Pathways Arnold Brooks, Susan Lisbin, Rifka Milder: Three Painters Katinka Mann, Carol Massa, and Margo Mead Recent Work: Hanna Seiman, Basia Goldsmith & Kate Missett, Secret Life of Colors: Blossom Verlinsky, and On The Wall: Cari Rosmarin Valentina DuBasky and Barbara Arum: Journeys, Robert Petrick: Structural Breakdown, and Kenneth Sean Golden: On The Wall Grace Wapner: Only Connect Beverly Brodsky & Elisabeth Jacobsen: Unbound Susan Newmark, Sumayyah Samaha & Betty McGeehan: Recent Work; Helen Iranyi: Paintings; On The Wall: Olivia Beens Recent Work: Mike Filan, Mitch Lewis, and Judy Glasser; Saved: Recycled Artist Books by Irmari Nacht; On The Wall: Azita Ghafouri Hilda O’Connell & John Beardman: Recent Works/ 2 x 6 x 17: Drawing Show Akashic Archives by Diógenes Ballester/ Prima Materia by Luis Stephenberg /On the Wall by Liz Curtin Represent: Group exhibition Recent Works: Susan Lisbin and Katinka Mann; Moving Forward: New Paintings by Vera Sapozhnikova; On the Wall: Ben Wohlberg Ford Crull: Into the Corporeal; Francie Lyshak: Atmospheres; Stephen Spiller: On the Wall Edward Fausty: The Night; Rod Recor: Creek Granite Sculptures; Kiyoko Sakai: Vision Beyond; Basia Goldsmith: On the Wall Recent Paintings and Recent Prints: Sheila Schwid and Rifka Milder, Woven Women: Collages by Ellen Wallenstein and On the Wall, Michael Filan Joan Mellon and Lester Rapaport, Recent Paintings and Kathy Bruce, Tapadas, Saints and Other Heroines Group Exhibition Robin Gaynes-Bachman: Glitter and Good Times and Angela Valeria: On the Wall Karen Green and Arnold Wechsler Flo Fox & Len Speier: Disco Ball Marilyn Sontag: On the Wall Works on Walls: Group Exhibition Gerson Leiber: Rites of Spring and Arnold Wechsler: On the Wall Charles Ramsburg: Drawings and Sculpture and Looking Beyond: Six Photographers and Thomas McAnulty: On the Wall Lynn Gall and Group Exhibition Carol Massa, Susan Skoorka, Sara Petitt: On the Wall Solomon Ethe: Singnificant Form/ Significant Space David Cerulli, Angela Valeria, Vera Sapozhnikova Claire Boren, Emily Rich and Marion Lane Carol Massa: On the Wall Mitch Lewis: Connections Jonathan Bauch: Personal Manufacturing Barbara Coleman: Letting the Light In