Archived shows at Cavin-Morris Gallery:

Tantra, Anonymous, and Vyakul Anna Zemánková: Twilight Before Dawn Spirited Women: Drawing Down Fire Rhizome: New Growth Enflamed: New Ceramics at Cavin-Morris Gallery Forest Amuletum: New Sculpture by Gyslaine and Sylvain Staelens Vodun, Vodou, Conjure: The Animistic arts of the African Diaspora In Dreams Begin Responsibilities: 30 Years of Cavin-Morris Enigmas rapt in mysteries: American art without epoch Lacunae: Women Sculpting Animism John Lurie: There are Things You Don’t Know About Freshet: Old Loves, New Directions & Japan Spirit Codex:  Drawings by Solange Knopf PraiseSongs for the Numinous Lucid Dreaming: New Drawings by M’onma Faceshifting Fukuro: Owls of Hayashibara, Japan Volcanic Visions: Barkcloth Art of the Omie Restless II – Mix Yohei Nishimura Two Transcend: Drawings by J.B. Murray and Melvin Edward Nelson Sandra Sheehy HomeGround: Art from the Pan-African Diaspora Robert Fornell: Restless Uncontained Excitement: Woven Sculpture from Japan / Chawan Collection Animated by Spirits: Shields of New Guinea Tim Rowan: New Works Cross Cultural Arts from the Gallery Collection Darker Stars: The Roots of Steampunk Art, and Drawing Parallels: New Works on Paper by Gallery Artists Obsessions Unexpected Edges: Explorations In Art Brut and then Some Prequel to the Unexpected: New Works New Artists Shozo Michikawa: The Nature of Clay I AM AMAZIGH: Berber Rugs from Mountain and City Flawless: Contemporary Japanese Lacquer Twenty-Five Years of Collecting Self-Taught Artists Contained Excitement: Pleasures of the Void: Group Show Uprooted: New Work by Yuko Oda and Hyunsgub Shin Japenese Art Brut The Wolf Returns: paintings by Gregory VanMannen Rags to Richesse: Rugs from Morocco David Chaim Smith