Archived shows at Ceres Gallery:

American Society of Contemporary Artists: Members Exhibition Women’s Caucus for Art, New York Chapter: Women Gazing Inward / Cristina Biaggi: Current Work Floating Landscape: Irina Sheynfeld and Family Stories: Jo-Ann Brody Elizabeth R. Weiner-Cohen: Doll Play Pauline Chernichaw and Carlyle N. Chaudruc With a little help from our friends: Group exhibition Summer Serenade Ceres Members’ Group Show Artistic License: Joyce Parcher and grew some: Michelle Stone Chalda Maloff: Rational Exuberance and Nancy Kahlow-Curtis: Mythology of Memory World in Transition: Ann Shapiro and Altered Geometry: Ellen Wilkinson Layers: Judith Greenwald, Tania Kravath First National Square Show OUT and OUT : Photographs and What We Print About When We Print About Love Exposure : Group Exhibition Christine Mottau: Landscape and Ayano Ohmi: Recent Drawings and Sculpture Madelon Jones: Explorations in Line and Form and Pat Hill Cresson: Footprints of Birds Series & All Possibilities of Nature Sara Conklin Disquiet of the Night Friends of Ceres: Group Exhibition 11th National Juried Exhibition Masayo Nishimura The New Horizon and Micaela di Vivero (Im)possible Interventions Phyllis Rosser The Forest and Garden: Sculpture and Paintings and Perri Neri Carol Goebel : House Pamela Roule: Shields One Body and Jo-Ann Brody Scar Tissue Three Decades of Ceres Kiki Kaye: To See it My Way H.Hildebrand-Mills: AFLOAT: Installation Ann Shapiro: Random Topography Exposure Perri Neri and Ellen Wilkinson Sargam Griffin: Integration of Art & Architecture 101: Life, Paintings and ArtDoors(TM) Sara Conklin: Minor Surgery Minako Ito: My Favorite Madelon Jones: Facets Kathlene Tracy: Being 10th National Juried Show Gabrielle Rossmer: Sculpture, 2012 Michelle Stone: A garden grue-some heads, shadows and creatures Christine Mottau: Imaginari Floreo; Masayo Nishimura: Recollections vol.2: Tokyo, June 2011 Carol Goebel: Projectiles; Annette R. Lieberman: Streams-of-consciousness Carlyle Chadruc; Regina Walker; Amee J. Pollack & Laurie Spitz Ceres Members Group Show; Nancy Kahlow-Curtis: Sacred Perspective Exposure: Group Show Anne Mondro: Introspective Gestures Elizabeth R. Weiner-Cohen: Mother Lore Christina Biaggi: New Work and Jane Stevens: Points of Departure Hollis Hildebrand-Mills: Bread In The Sky and Minako Ito: Windows Plus Nineteenth Annual Friends Exhibition Ceres Members Group Show and Sue Collier: Drawings Top Show and Judy Werlin Relief Wall Hung Sculpture Marilyn Banner: A Sense of Place and Joyce Parcher: Free as a …? Joyce Parcher: From there to here, from here to where… Fran Gialamas: Steel Lifes Phyllis Rosser: Nature Abstracted Jo-Ann Brody: Stepping Forward Ayano Ohmi: Meditative Scenery Masayo Nishimura: Recollections: From New York to Tokyo Control Ceres Members: Womens Nature Joyce Ellen Weinstein: Denial Exposure: Group Show Pat Hill Cresson: Exotic Scenes and Natural Habitats Ann R. Shapiro: Altering Landscapes Roslyn Rose: Past as Prologue Madelon Jones: Nature Abstracted Marie Sarni: Inherent Transformations Julie A. McConnell: Deliberations on Equilibrium Eighteenth Annual Friends Exhibition Dare Boles: Lot of Women Ceres Members Group Show Ninth National Juried Exhibition: juried by Lowery Sims Marian Osher: Fearless Flying! Judith Greenwald: Poem