Archived shows at Cindy Rucker Gallery:

Winter: My Secret: Jenn Dierdorf, Brad Parsons, Jeremy Jacob Schlangen; Curated by Brad Silk The Emperor of Ice Cream : Adam Hayes, Matt Kleberg, Markus Linnenbrink, Don Porcella Pussy Don’t Fail Me Now : Doreen Garner, Sophia Narrett, Kenya (Robinson) Beate Geissler/Oliver Sann : Volatile Smile Gereon Krebber : Limbic Turn Retry the Life Experiment in the Communal : Javier Arce Possibilities for the Autonomy : Javier Arce The trees The trees The trees: Group exhibition Charles Dunn : Bad Years We seemed to be unanimously elected : Group exhibition CJ Collins : Thursdays and Saturdays California Dreamin’ : Group Exhibition Carlos Sandoval de Leon Crystal Z Campbell Rusty Shackleford Sabine Boehl, F.P. BouĂ©: Sebastian Freytag Valerie Piraino: Photoplay Hello Nasty Curated by Chris Bors WET: David Schoerner and Lyndsy Welgos Adrian Esparza: Transfiguration Martin Schwenk: ALPENGLUEHN Martin Schwenk Alan and Michael Fleming: Studio Audience Strange Lands Adam Hayes and Rusty Shackleford Forget the Words Charles Dunn: Hell on Earth Robyn Voshardt/Sven Humphrey: Same But Indifferent Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey: Same But Indifferent Subliminal Sunlight: Group Show Soda Pop: Effervescence and Abstraction, Group Show Subliminal Sunlight: Curated by Howard Hurst Gary Rough: Bad. Luck. Die. Pop Up: Curated by Cindy Rucker & Brad Silk Hannes Kater: A Sense of where you are Dunja Evers: Sight and Appearance There/Not there People doing different Things: Christopher Daniels Of the Triumph it hosted: Adam Hayes re:CONTEXT: Steven Cossman, Joy Drury Cox, Matthew Craven, Wyatt Kahn, Jeremy Jacob Schlangen Group Show : Curated by Brad Silk Thomas Feulmer, Fraser Stables, Catherine Street : Curated by Gavin Morrison Carlos E. Sandoval de Leon Markus Linnenbrink: NOMATTERWHEREYOUGOTHEREYOUARE Martin Schwenk: The Secret Life of Plants