Archived shows at Cooper Union (Foundation Building):

Jessica Floyd and Caroline Sultzer; Printmaking class, Professor Scott Nobles Marissa Nicol; Sarah Schmitt; Daniil Ashtaev; Isaac Baird John Hejduk: Jan Palach Memorial Hélène Binet: John Hejduk Works Lotus Lien; Alexa West; Emily Adamo; Samantha Rosner; Cameron Rasmussen; Nancy Chavarria Ella da Buck, Owen Law: Come to Hell Joseph Santiago-Dieppa; Lulu White: Prehistoric Commute; Marvin Cano: It’s Over; Maja Griffen and Jasper Marsalis: CLUB Larissa Gilbert: Acrid Rock Débora Mesa: Ensamble Studio Inside Out Lecture: Lene Tranberg Lecture: Nader Tehrani Lecture: Kengo Kuma Foundation Color Student Exhibition Billie Tsien and Tod Williams: In Conversation with Glenn Murcutt Student Shows Quinci Baker: Just for Us Student Shows: Dempzil Chavian; Claire Calvert, Waseem Nafisi, and Megan Lee Senior Shows: Rory Toole, Minh Bui Senior Shows: Michael Prisco, Pradem Sazesh; Adam Boothman: Lord Have Mercy; Papermaking Student Show Outreach: Pre-college Program Exhibition Carson Foley: No Diving; Gaetano Icangelo: Familiar!; Nina Bell Student Shows: Drawing Batrek Yassa: People Like You Ayana Lee: Dot Dot Thought Current work: Lecture with Tatiana Bilbao Current Work: Lecture with Solano Benítez and Gloria Cabral Alternativas / Alternatives: A Group Exhibition; thirteenth Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism (XIII BEAU) Giancarlo Mazzanti Lecture French Comics Framed Panel: Donald Judd Writings Master of Architecture II Advanced Design Studio 2015-2016 Graduate Thesis Summer Art Intensive 2016 Show End of Year Show 2016 Liz Magic Laser: Prompt Show Up Group Show: Show Up, the 2013 Annual Exhibition of Student Work Performance: “Loudspeaker: A Concert/symposium For Extra-Normal Vocals” Master of Architecture II Spring Exhibition Lecture: Dr. Richard Haass: Why Foreign Policy Begins at Home Youth: IDEAS CITY Panel Discussion MASSIMO SCOLARI: THE REPRESENTATION OF ARCHITECTURE, 1967-2012