Archived shows at David Findlay Jr Fine Art:

Selections: A Group Exhibition Steven Alexander: Recent Paintings John Opper: The 1980’s Gaston Lachaise; Selections (Group) David Ferren/Robert Rauschenberg Herman Maril Jack Cushing Wright and Chuang Che John Cross Summerset Mara Held/Margrit Lewczuk/Meg Lipke and John Grillo (1917-2014) Betty Parsons: A Life in Art and Emily Mason: Recent Paintings Charles Cajori: Swift Continuum and The Surreal Abstraction of Leonard Edmondson John Schueler: The New York Years and David Hare: American Surrealist Woody Gwyn and Jon Schueler and David Hare Nina Tryggvadottir (1913-1968) Enrico Donati Restless Universe: Group Exhibition and Gordon Onslow Ford: Space Elements SummerSet 2014 Summerset: Group Exhibition Beatrice Mandelman: Taos Modernist Emily Mason: Works on Paper Peter Brooke: Recent Landscapes Herman Cherry, John Ferren, Kyle Morris: East End Abstract Expressionists and Indian Space Painting Barrell, Busa, Daum, and Wheeler John Opper: Works from the 1970s Image To Gesture — California Postwar Abstraction, 1945-1969 Kyle Morris: Abstract Expressionism Herman Maril Jo Cain: American Modernist John Grillo: Works from the 1940s, 50s and 60s Walter Kuhlman: Releasing the Shadow Janet Monafo: Recent Pastels Steven Alexander, Logan Grider, Robert Reed Summerset Leonard Edmondson: California Modernist Works from the 1940s-1950s Wang Ming: Universal Dimensions Houghton Cranford Smith: A Retrospective Robert McChesney: Bay Area Modernist About Abstraction Emily Mason: Recent Paintings Beatrice Mandelman: Works from the 1950s – 1990s Charles Clough: Recent Paintings Robert Richenburg: Abstract Expressionism Byron Browne: American Modernist Ynez Johnston: Voyages John Ferren Steve Wheeler: The Oracle Visiting the 21st Century Jon Schueler, The Mallaig Years 1970-75 Steven Alexander: Recent Paintings