Archived shows at First Street Gallery:

Jessica McGarry Bartlet: Reversals Matthew Dibble: Useful Pressures Lights On: Works by Gallery Artists Doretta Miller: Garden Stories Gilles Giuntini, Carolyn Sheehan, and Jane Shoenfeld 2016 National Juried Exhibition, Juror: Lori Bookstein Teresa Dunn: Motherload Suzi Evalenko: Re-Inventions Leslie Adler: Concealed Crossings PopUp: On and Off the Wall, Series 2 PopUp: On and Off the Wall, Series 1 4 Now: Gilles Giuntini, Anahita Mekanik, Edmond Praybe, Carolyn Sheehan Invitational Exhibition Alone Together Mari Lyons: Floating Palettes Members Group Show: Under the Influence 2015 MFA National Competition 2015 National Juried Exhibition Hank Feeley Tracy Collamore Kathleen Bennett Bastis Tim Kennedy Jessica Bartlet Pop Up: On and Off the Wall Pop Up: On and Off the Wall 45 Years Later: Work by Gallery Artists Nancy Balliett and Louise Kalin Dana Saulnier Teresa Dunn: Event Horizon MFA National Competition Artists Invitational: Bill Creevy, Rachel Gordon Bernstein, Jane Shoenfeld Kathi Packer: Bone Dry Silence Sallie Benton Marianne Perry Salas Pop-Up: On and off the Wall Still, Blue: Zeuxis at First Street Gallery No Restrictions Jennifer Aldridge: Floodplain Mari Lyons:Transformations in the Garden Beverly Brodsky 2013 National Juried Exhibition, Juried by Donald Kuspit Nicole McCormick Santiago Rallou Malliarakis: Imprints Wendy Gittler: Dialogues and Departures Marianne Barcellona: Arduous Terrains: Reconstituted Explorations Jessica Bartlet: Backyard Wilderness Suzi Evalenko: The Blue Glove Jenni Freidman: Joy WinterLight: Group Show of Gallery Artists Marion Miller: The Arena Series Lisa Zwerling: The Magic Flute