Archived shows at Fischbach Gallery:

The Fourth Season Nancy Hagin: Do More of What Makes You Happy Brad Marshall: Italia and Daisy Craddock: Just Picked America Seen The Flower Show Kevin Frank: American Anamneses and Jeffrey Vaughn: Woodlands and Glades Some Like it Hot: Group Exhibition Nancy Hagin: Vessels Milton Avery: A Concentration of Drawings and Prints Brad Marshalll: Italia and Daisy Craddock: Just Picked Gone Fisching America Seen: 8 Artists Alice Dalton Brown: The Language of Angels Glen Hansen: Kansas City Project 110 in the Shade and Zero Weather: Group Exhibitions Patrick Gordon: The Subject Was Roses Jeff Gola: Unspoken Beauty James Winn: Homeland Anita Mazzucca: Garden State Season Preview: Group Exhibition Daisy Craddock: Local Produce Christopher Evans: Equilibrium Fredericka Foster: Water Way Helen Berggruen: The Open Window: Objects, Rooms, & Landscapes Selected Works Courtesy of William McWillie Chambers III Leigh Behnke: Myth and Memory: Personal Iconographies Greetings from Paradise Zero Weather Emma Tapley: Being Time: Inversions Jeffrey Vaughn: Thickets and Wildflowers Nancy Hagin: The Accidental and Non-Accidental Situations Season Preview Brad Marshall: Diaries Ryan Cobourn: Crazy Nature Alexandra Tyng: Maine wallflowers: Group Show The Art Of… : Group Show Thomas Cordell: Site Specific Patrick Gordon: Paper or Plastic? Secrets From Tornado Alley Paul Rickert: Markings, Bucks County Gangs of New York and James Winn: The Lotus Series: 2005-2011 Shine: Group Show Meg Shields: Particular and Colin Brown: Selva Oscura Glen Hansen: New York Times Gulliver’s Travels This is the Morning after the Night before: Group Show Nancy Hagin: Guilty Pleasures Lowell Tolstedt: Precision of Perception Jeff Vaughn: Natural Order Haruto Robert Imamura: L’Ange Noir Ryan Cobourn: Brooklyn Botanical We Are the World Alice Dalton Brown: Nocturnes and Diurnes