Archived shows at FiveMyles:

Panel Discussion: artist Amanda Turner Pohan, curator Carl E. Hazlewood, art historian Joan Snitzer; Moderated by Hanne Tierney Amanda Turner Pohan: Desiring to be Data for Others BAU Institute Arts Residency Awards Exhibition Marcus Jahmal: No Place Like Home Endless, Entire Trace/Matter: Ruth Hardinger, Kara Rooney. The sublime of the mundane Color: Sculpted and Painted Artistic Weapons of Mass Communication Curated by Souhad Rafey : Samira Abbassy, Rajie Cook, Ganzeer, John Halaka, Mary Tuma Nakeya Brown Artists talk Nakeya Brown: In Private Moments New American Sculpture: Curated by Dexter Wimberly. Depthforms: Exhibition by artists/architects Alex Cornelius and Yu Nong Khew Artist Talk: Jack Ceglic My Mother’s Store: Installation by Jack Ceglic Five Myles Benefit Exhibition New Visions: Crown Heights Artists Unframed: Photographs by Michael Britto, Francelle Jones, Kerwin Williamson. Drawings by Gustavo Azael Torres. The Perception of Wilderness in the Garden of Us: Installation by Rashanna Rashied-Walker Korea Graceful Transitions: Photographs by Anders Bernard Jones Re: Purpose: Group Exhibition For Marian Color Formed: Group Exhibition Process and Synthesis Convergence Cedric Michael Cox: Paintings and Drawings From Decay to Illumination Empire Abstraction and Empathy American Landscapes Monique Luchetti and Merrill Wagner Since the Beginning of Resistance . . . Mildred Beltre Field Notes A Map is not the Territory Chin Chih Yang: Commissioned Installation Edouard Steinhauer: In No Strange Land Musa Hixson: Time Harvest ArtQuake Group Show: Asia Unspecific, Curated by Lilly Wei Claudia Cannizzaro: Flags of Whose Fathers Caroline Cox and C. Michael Norton Contemporary Expressions: Art from the Guyana Diaspora Short Stories: Group Show March 26 – May 6, 2011 Art/Sewn: Group Show, curated by Ward Mintz Narratives I – Books for the Unlettered: Group Show Art/Sewn: curated by Ward Mintz A State of Flux: Karni Dorell, Derek Haffar, Tony Whitfield Summer Space Program 2010