Archived shows at Freight + Volume:

Peter Hutchinson: The Language of Nature Alec Egan Joshua Dildine: Notating Hi Pops Mi Ju: Nest Richard Butler: naturalhistory Margaux Ogden: Down The Rabbit Hole Jeffrey Shagawat: Selfie Michael Scoggins: If You Can’t Say Something Nice Ezra Johnson: It’s Under the Thingy Samuel Jablon: Word:Play JJ Manford & Max Razdow: Through Every Leaf Erik den Breejen: There’s a Riot Goin’ On RÖMER + RÖMER: Party-Löwe Loren Munk: You are Here BroLab: Dead Lift Damian Stamer: Sundays The Decline and Fall of the Art World, Part II: The Other 99% The Decline and Fall of the Art World, Part I: The One-Percenters Peter Allen Hoffmann: Outer Space Richard Butler: ahatfulofrain WHAT’S THE STORY? Peter Hutchinson: The Logic of Mountains Do Something (Else) to it Mi Ju-Gaia: New Painting and Sculpture The double dirty dozen (and friends) Panni Malekzadeh: New Paintings Nicole Wittenberg: The Malingerers Damien Stamer: Southern Comfort Michael Scoggins: Us Against Them: The War Between The Classes; David Kramer: Age Old Story (Videoroom) MIE: A Portrait by 35 Artists, curated by Nick Lawrence and Mie Iwatsuki Erik Den Breejen: Smile; Ezra Johnson: Five Points of Light (video room) Kristen Schiele: Beyond the Rocks Andrew Guenther: Talking to a Fish and Paraphernalia Jay Critchley: Deep Bones and Chad Person: A Hero never fails Migration: Min Hyung, Eunah Kim, Meredith Pingree, Genevieve White Ali Smith: Merge and Suko Presseau: Love and Ceremony Matt Jones: Multiverse Richard Butler: hypochondriacatthegramercyparkhotel Haymaker: Tatiana Berg, Doug Fishbone, Damian Stamer, Kristen Schiele and Eric White Jennifer Sullivan: One-Week Walden Kent Dorn: Remains Okay Mountain Benefit Plate Kent Dorn: Recent Work Trudy Benson: Space Jam