Archived shows at George Adams Gallery:

Is / Isn’t: Art on the Verge of Abstraction Diane Edison: Recent Portrait Drawings and Amer Kobaslija: Places, Spaces; a Survey of Paintings 2005-2015 Elmer Bischoff: Figurative Paintings and Working from life: Drawings Kevin Broad /Andrew Woodward Joan Brown: Major Paintings from the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s Red Grooms: Early Works Jack Beal: Hard Edge Paintings, 1968-1972 Peter Dean: Paintings – 1975 to 1989 Left Coast, Third Coast Ron Nagle, George Ohr: Look Closer, Look Again Andrew Lenaghan: Recent Paintings Enrique Chagoya: The Thing Itself and Kako Ueda: Mutaphiliac Amer Kobaslija: Miniatures Lesley Dill: Sculptures and Editioned Works, 1993-2013 Seescape Peter Saul: Radical Figure: Paintings and Drawings from the 1960s and 1970s Robert Arneson: Troublesome Subjects Roy De Forest: A Simple Life: Small-Scale Paintings from 2000-2003 Lino Lago: Ciao Bella James Barsness: A Survey of Paintings, 1996 – 2008 Jack Beal, Alfred Leslie, and Philip Pearlstein and the Emergence of New Realism: Paintings and Drawings, 1960-1990 Lesley Dill: Faith & The Devil Amer Kobaslija: One Hundred Views of Kesennuma, Paintings of Japan’s Altered Landscape Andrew Lenaghan: Recent Paintings (main gallery) / Alfred Leslie: Figurative Works on Paper 1976-1983 (drawing gallery) Alain Vaes: New Paintings Joan Brown: Friends and Family, A Survey of Drawings, 1957-1987 Circle of Friends: Paintings, Drawings, and Sculptures by Robert Arneson, Joan Brown, Roy DeForest, Peter Saul, and William T. Wiley James Barsness: Short Stories Lino Lago: Visual Disturbances Amer Kobaslija: Road to Rossiniere Size Matters: Group Show Kako Ueda: New Cut Paper Michael Ferris Jr: New Figurative Sculpture H.C. Westermann: Woodcuts, Linocuts, and Lithographs 1962-1975 Elmer Bischoff: Figurative Paintings 1953-1966 Summer Group Show: New and Classic Four American Landscapes: Sang-ah Choi, Jeffrey Jones, Andrew Lenaghan and Joel Ross Robert Arneson: Founding Funk: Sculptures and Drawings 1956-66 Alain Vaes: Watercolors