Archived shows at Half Gallery:

Matt Damhave: Deleuze’n My Mind Jan-Ole Schiemann Gardar Eide Einarsson: Clearing Operations and Carelessness Tamuna Sirbiladze: Take it easy Intimate Paintings Josephine Meckseper: Silver Shadow Daniel Heidkamp: Barbizon Beauty School Peter Nadin: Still Life Rascal House: Group Exhibition Christ Martin: Pirate Utopias Good Morning Midnight: Genieve Figgis Rene Ricard: Remember Andrew Kuo: My Bad pp. : Peter Coffin Brendan Fowler: New Camera Steve DiBenedetto: Konstructshuns! Alexis Dahan: The Lover’s Body Parts are Separated Lucien Smith: Good Vibrations Jay Miriam, Jeanette Hays, Jemima Kirke: Hearsay Eddie Martinez: Studio Drawings Wes Lang: Here Comes Sunshine Dustin Yellin: Investigations of a Dog AndrĂ© Saraiva: Love Letters Thomas Campbell: Capture and Release Terry Richardson: Mom and Dad Peter Sutherland: Victory Over Darkness Craig McDean: Sumo Ray’s a Laugh: Artists respond to the work of Ray Johnson in a group show Ed Templeton: Teenage Kissers Duncan Hannah: Country Life and Other Collages Curated by Fabiola Alondra Jack Walls:”Mona Lisa” Collage Paintings Julia Chiang: Security Is Mostly A Superstition Ben Blatt: Hotbox Devolution Eneas Capalbo: Fake Condos Hermann Amann: Fluorescence Donald Shambroom: Bloodbath David Armstrong: Mad About the Boy Andisheh Avini: Screw, Spread, Slip, Suck, Stab, Fall, Cross and Writhe Geoff McFetridge: The Westest Miles Mendenhall Normal Dimensions: curated by Neville Wakefield A Ways A Way: curated by Meredith Darrow & Devendra Banhart Hanna Liden: As Black as Your Hat