Archived shows at Henrique Faria Fine Art:

Leandro Katz Esvin Alarcón Lam: Displacements & Reconstructions Mariana Bunimov: Gatherings; Luis Roldán: Umbra Luis Molina-Pantin: Works on Paper Imagining Spaces: Constructions in Color and Text (Group Exhibition) Emilio Chapela: No Pain, No Brain; Jesús ‘Bubu’ Negrón: Reflection Room Diana de Solares: The Material Space of Radiance; Marcelo Brodsky: Imagination to Power Do Ask, Do Tell: Male Homoerotic Art from Latin America (1970s-2016) DRAWINGS FROM THE SOUTH OF AMERICA III. Chapter: Argentina Alejandro Puente: A Shifting of the Gaze / Regina Aprijaskis: Vanishing Points Jonier Marin: Active Work Marta Minujín: Rebel Spirit Jaime Davidovich : Tapes Period. 1969-1975 and Luis Roldan: Eidola Osvaldo Romberg: Color Studies: From Analysis to Metaphor, 1970-2015 Drawings from the South of America II, Chapter: Venezuela Terence Gower: Demonstration and Display Harry Abend: The Supreme Achievement of the Essential Carlos Ginzburg: The Forgotten Vintage Eduardo Santiere: Inter-Spaces and Mercedes Elena Gonzales :September 1955 26 Horacio Zabala / Eduardo Kac: Spaces of Repression and Liberation Emilio Chapela: Man is the Measure Emilia Azcárate: Liminal Drawings from the South of America Oswaldo Maciá: A Laboratory of Cynical Perception Yeni & Nan: Body: Air, Water and Earth, Performances from the 70’s and 80’s Luis Molina-Pantin Osvaldo Romberg: The Color Factor 1973 – 2013 Anna Bella Geiger: Circa 1970 Waldo Balart Leandro Katz: The Hours (Flowers in the Sky)